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Tuesday, May 27 2014

Is your home starting to look like an episode of "Hoarders"?  Perhaps not, but it might be time to get rid of the clutter and get organized.  You have three choices - throw it away, donate it or sell it.  Which one do you choose?  

Toss It - Get rid of old receipts and any paperwork that is no longer needed. For confidential information, be sure to use a cross-cut paper shredder.  Throw away anything that is broken and you have no intention of fixing or cannot be fixed.  Eliminate expired food in your pantry, refrigerator, freezer or kitchen cabinets.  Toss old make-up and other cosmetics that are past their prime.   Check with your county or municipality to visit to locate a facility where you can drop off automotive and home-improvement items such as oil-based paints and, pesticides for proper disposal.  

Sell It - Some of your items can find a second home and get you some cash in the process!  Utilize E-bay, Craigslist, consignment shops or specialty sites for books, clothing and tech items.  For books, log on to, enter the ISBN number (located over the bar code) and receive price quote from online booksellers who want them.  Sell your designer clothing and accesories at The Snob ( and Snobswap (  For vintage clothing, try Etsy ( and Fashiondig (  Have a yard sale! 

Donate - Get that warm, fuzzy feeling and even a tax deduction by donating your things to charity.  Whether you donate to a local non-profit such as Goodwill, Salvation Army or other local thrift stores, it is easy to eliminate your items from your home quickly.  You can either drop off the items at the site or have a truck come pick them up, depending on who you choose.   Purple Heart and other veterans organization are also a good choice.  Always check with whomever you choose to be sure that they accept the items you have to donate and be sure to get a receipt to use when preparing your annual tax return.  When it comes to electronicss, be sure to erase personal information. Erase the SD car, SIM card or destroy the hard-drive.  Donate your old cell phones through Verizon's HopeLine program for victims of domestic violence or support the troops overseas at Donate your shoes to and books to your local library.  Senior centers and day-cares need arts and crafts.  Animal shelters needs towels, blankets and sheets.  There are so many choices.

When it comes to eliminating your clutter and getting organized, you have three choices.  Toss, Sell or Donate.  When it comes to getting help if you are overwhelmed, consider using a professional organizer such as myself, to help you get the job done!  Together we can eliminate the clutter and create A Better Space for the things you wish to keep.

In the meantime, I am wishing you an organized day!

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Monday, May 19 2014

I don't think there is anyone these days who does not have a cell phone.  We eat, sleep and do everything with our cell phone by our side.  It has become our life line.

I bet, however, that you never realized some of the things your cell phone can do for you.  It can be a mini-survival kit, life saver or emergency tool kit.  

These are some things your cell phone can do for you:  

1. EMERGENCY - Did you know that there is a worldwide Emergency Number for cell phones?  The number is 112.  If you find yourself out of the coverage area of your mobile network and there is an Emergency, simply dial 112 and your phone will search any existing network to establish the emergency number for you.  Interestingly enough, this number can be dialed even if the keypad is locked!   

2. HIDDEN BATTERY POWER -  You discover that your cell phone battery is very low.  You can access a reserve by pressing the keys *3370#.  Your cell phone will restart with this reserve and will show a 50% increase in battery.  This reserve will get charged the next time you charge your cell phone.  This could definitely be a life saver!

3. DISABLE A STOLEN CELL PHONE - First, check your Mobile phone's serial number, and key in the following digits on your phone.  *#06#  A 15-digit code will appear on the screen.  This number is unique to your handset.  Write it down and keep it somewhere safe.  If your phone is stolen, you can phone your service provider and give them this code.  They will then be able to block your phone so even if a thief changes your SIM card, your phone will be completely useless.  You might never get your phone back but at least you know that whoever stole it won't be able to use it or sell it.  Just imagine if everyone did this, there would no longer be a reason for people to steal mobile phones!   

4.  DIRECTORY ASSISTANCE FOR FREE - Cell phone companies these days are charging between $1.00 and $2.00 (or more) for 411 information calls.  Most of us don't carry a telephone directory in our vehicle.  I don't even keep one in my home anymore!  Instead, when you need to use the 411 option, simply dial:  (800)FREE411 or (800)373-3411 and you will not incur any charges. Program this number into your phone for safe-keeping.  

I found these tips very helpful and simply wanted to share them with you.  These are great to implement now before the Summer vacation season begins.

Feel free to share this blog with your family and friends so that they can utilize these tips as well.

If you want more tips on getting and staying organized or find that you are overwhelmed by your clutter, don't hesitate to contact me.  I am here to help.

In the meantime, I hope you are having an organized day! 


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Tuesday, May 06 2014

Have you taken a look around lately?  All of us have things scattered around the house that can be re-purposed.  There is something in almost every room of the home, in fact.

Today, I want to share with you 10 ideas for items you already have in your home that you can "re-purpose on purpose": 

1.  A CD tower in the bathroom can be used to hold toilet paper, toiletries or small towels.  You can even turn it on its side with the openings upright and hang it on the wall for additional storage.

2.  A tennis ball canister or Pringles canister that has been cut on the bottom can be used to hold paper baking liners for cupcakes and muffins or to hold paper cups.  Hang it on the wall to save space.  It can be used for so many other things too!  

3.  A hard glass case is useful to store your ear buds or other small items in your luggage or handbag.

4.  A muffin pan is a great way to store small items in your drawer in the bathroom or bedroom such as children's hair clips or jewelry.

5.  An upright magazine holder can be used for gift bag storage or sheets of wrapping paper.

6.  A long towel holder with knobs can be mounted on the back of a door or on a wall to organize your jewelry.

7.  Use a business card case to transport your favorite sweetener packets.

8.  Re-use a tissue box to store plastic grocery bags. 

9.  A small shower caddy can be hung on a doorknob in your laundry room to hold detergent, dryer sheets, clothes pins, etc.

10. Use an acrylic napkin holder to organize your bills to be paid, putting them in chronological order to avoid late payment.

Which of these items will you repurpose?  What other ideas do you have for re-purposing your items?  Take a look around and get creative!

If you are simply overwhelmed with the thought of getting organized and don't know where to begin, contact me at A Better Space.  I will be more than happy to help.  Let's "re-purpose on purpose" together!  



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