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Monday, February 27 2012

There are so many options available to us these days to help us get and stay organized.  I love options because everyone does not function the same way.  Some people are auditory, some are visual and some are experiential learners (hands on). 

There are several ways to organize your paperwork if you like clear your surfaces (who doesn't) but still be able to see what you have. (Visual).  One way is to make use of binder clips!

Here are some examples of how you can use Binder Clips to get and stay organized:

Use them on the back of a door, a cabinet, a bulletin board or a wall.  Adding a magnetic hook or push pins to the mix are a good complement.

I like to take a label maker and put labels on the actual clips themselves to give them a specific purpose.  You can even color code the binder clips as they come in so many different colors these days.  You don't need to stick with black.  

A use for color-coded Binder Clips is to use them for various tasks or for each family member.  Assign a specific color to each.

You can clip recipes together for the week and hang them on the inside of a cabinet door.

Use a magnetic hook on the side of your fridge to hang the Binder Clip on for a shopping list with coupons.  

Use push pins on the front of a shelf to hand the clips.

Hang a Binder Clip inside the door, under the sink in your kitchen or bathroom, to hold your rubber gloves.

Hang magnetic hooks on the side of a filing cabinet near your desk and create binder clips for "hot" action items. 

You can also use a bulletin board with a labeled binder clip called "HOT".

If you can't locate your label maker, you can use a binder clip to clip a labeled index card onto the front of a small bin on a shelf.  

If letter trays do not work for you to sort your mail, use a Binder Clips that are labeled "Pay", "Action" and "File". 

For paper management purposes, Binder Clips create a boundary.  They limit the amount of paper work that builds up.  It forces you to create a limit as to how long you put off the inevitable.  You will need to keep it under control! 

As you can see, there are multiple uses for just a simple Binder Clip.  Use your imagination!  I would love to hear your ideas and we can share them with everyone!

So, get out those binder clips and put them to good use in organizing your home and your life.

In the meantime, have a great week!

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Monday, February 20 2012

For those of us in the northern hemisphere, the winter has been somewhat mild this year and we might not have had the opportunity to wear those very heavy wool sweaters, our fur lined boots and heavy winter coats.  

If you are anything like me, that's quite all right.  However, it does not mean that it's not time for that mid-winter check to see what we have used or what we wanted to use but because of the warm temps this year did not get to use.  

This is a good time for you to go through those winter-related items and donate the excess to charity.  You will free up space in your home and provide others in need with items they can use to make it through the rest of the winter comfortably, by donating them to a local charity.  

Take some time to check out the following: 

Blankets - Are there blankets in closets or in a cedar chest that you have not used in the past several years?  

Sweaters - If you haven't worn certain sweaters by now, will you wear them by the end of the season?  

Hats, gloves and scarves - If you have children, do their hats and gloves still fit them?  Do you just have too many that have accumulated?

Coats - Just like your sweaters, if you haven't worn that coat this year, are you going to wear them by the end of the season?

Boots -  If they are still in good condition, someone in need could use the ones you no longer wear.  Are they not comfortable, out of style, not your favorites?

Outdoor recreation items:  Have you checked your collection of snow shovels lately? Did you purchase a new one and not get rid of the older one?  How about your sleds, toboggans or ski equipment?  Don't have them take up additional space in your garage or attic if you are not using them anymore. 

Decorations:  Is there any holiday or winter decoration you didn't put out this year?  You can sell them on Ebay, Craigs List or give them away thru Freecycle.  See if any local day care centers can use some of them.  

Eliminate the excess by either selling the items, donating them to a charity or giving them away thru Freecycle or to a local entity.  Someone else will be glad to have them.

Let's make space for Spring!  It will be here before we know it.  

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Tuesday, February 07 2012

I am always talking about getting organized in your home but have never talked about how to be organized as a pet owner.  I think now is a good time.

Ninety-nine percent of my clients own pets - dogs, cats, birds, fish and once, a pot belly pig! 

The items in your home relating to your pet need to be organized.  You can use baskets, hooks, drawers or any other centralized location to hold the items that need easy accessibility.  

You might already know that I am an independent consultant for Clever Container and they have three solutions designed to help organize you and your pup.  You can check them out on Page 23 of their 2012 catalog at

Another area of organization you should consider is pet information in case of emergency.  Have you ever lost your cat or dog?  It can be heart wrenching but if you are organized, it can make it a lot easier.  Here are some tips:

  • Have your pet microchipped and have on file the name of the company, the microchip number and contact information for the company involved.  It's like GPS for your pet. 
  • Know the number of your pet's rabies tag.
  • Have updated documentation of your pet's vaccinations and surgeries.  (I always incorporate a folder in the filing systems I create for my clients for the pets.)  Shelters and vets that take in lost pets will a conduct blood test to identify strays from non-strays.  Knowing which vaccines are in your pet's blood and locations of scars can help in identifying your pet.  
  • Take pictures of your pet at many different angles and of all unique pattern markings.  Have these images in digital format.  Many states and shelters will post pictures of lost pets online and you will want the pictures to print out fliers.
  • Most agencies will only allow you to report a lost pet that has been missing for more than 24 hours.  Find out which agencies will take these notices (usually shelters and animal control centers) and have their contact information available.
  • You still need to have a collar on your pet with identification, even if your pet lives primarily indoors.  Break away collars are best so that your pet doesn't accidentially choke himself/herself.

I hope you never lose one of your pets, but if you do, you will be prepared by having the above information at your finger tips. 

Give your pets a big hug (except if they are a fish, I guess) and have a great week!

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